Maybe your company will win one of the great prizes at LLB Expo.

During LLB Expo 2024, several fine awards will be handed out in different categories. These are the Innovation Awards, the Bullen Awards, the LLB Awards and the Best Stand LLB Expo 2024. Perhaps your company will be the one to go home with the prestigious awards. Below you can find all the information about the awards and how to submit nominations.

Innovation Awards

During LLB Expo 2024, the Innovation Award will be presented. This award is established to recognize and celebrate development, sustainability and innovation in the industry.
We encourage all exhibitors to enter their products for a chance to win the prestigious Innovation Award.

The registered products will be displayed in the middle of the hall in the Central Bar, during all days of the fair, clearly visible for all visitors to discover and spend some extra time exploring. A great chance to showcase your products a little extra.
The prize is awarded in 4 categories, Sound, Light, Image and Accessories

Enter the competition and let your innovation shine at LLB Expo 2024!

Award ceremony will take place on October 2

Price to participate: 800 SEK/product. Max 2 products

Bullen Awards

The Bullen Awards recognize outstanding individuals in the field of entertainment technology. The aim of the award is to highlight the skills and dedication of all those who work behind the scenes and create its magic. The award is presented in two categories, the Visionary Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award ceremony will take place at LLB Expo on October 2. Information on how to nominate for the awards can be found on the Bullen Awards website.

LLB Awards

The LLB Awards are created to highlight outstanding individuals and companies who have done something special for our industry and who are part of the development forward and thus create a better industry for all of us. With this award, we want to pay tribute to their work and show appreciation for their driving forces for the development of the industry. The LLB Awards are presented by the LLB trade association and consist of two awards:

LLB Award – Hero

The award goes to a person who has helped create, manufacture, develop or operate something that adds value to our industry.

The award should go to a person who dares to do something that not everyone else does. Someone who stands out from the crowd and goes the extra mile. We want the award to go to someone who has either inspired and developed the industry in their profession, or who has been part of training the next generation in the industry, who is a role model and mentor. The award will go to someone who is passionate about inspiring others and/or developing our industry. In short, an enthusiast.

LLB Award – Visionary

Is an award given to a company in our industry. The company must somehow stand out from the crowd to dare to show the way to new visions and success. The company awarded this prize should be a prime example of daring to do something, believing in your idea and in turn growing as a company.

We want to highlight a company that stands out from the crowd, and inspires others. Who have faith in the future and where we would like to see that they also work for environmental and economic sustainability to create successful companies in our industry in the long term. We want the recipient of the award to be a company that has the ability to see the possibilities of the future and inspire others, a visionary.

Nominations for the awards should be sent to

Enter the name and contact details of the person/company you are nominating.
Motivate why you think the person/company should win.
Enter the contact details of the nominator.

The award ceremony will take place at LLB Expo 2024 on October 2.

Best stand LLB Expo 2024

At LLB Expo 2024, all exhibitors can compete for both the honor and receive a nice trophy for the office with the title “Best Stand LLB Expo 2024”

Assessment is based on how products and services are presented in the stand, the choice of materials for the stand construction and the stand’s sustainability focus. In addition, the design of the stand and its ability to create a memorable experience for visitors will be assessed. But also if you have managed to create a design in your stand that stands out and creates a wow feeling for visitors.

Two companies will each win a prize based on the size of their stand.
Category “small stand” – up to and including 40sqm
Category “large stand” – over 40 sqm

Winners will be selected by a jury and presented at the fair on October 3.
All exhibitors are automatically entered into the competition, no registration required.