Increase your visibility

Take the chance and maximize your participation

Maximize your participation at LLB Expo!

Maximize your participation at LLB Expo by promoting your company at various locations around the fair. Below is a selection of options for those planning to exhibit at the fair.

Contact our sales representatives for current prices and more information. The contact details are further down the page.

Key ribbons

Your company’s logo will be displayed on the ribbons that all visitors wear around their necks during the fair. Price: 10 000 kr

Floor sign

Even inside our exhibition halls, you can use the floor as a display area. it’s a great channel in an environment where advertising is largely at eye level. Go big and earn big. Price: 3000 SEK/sign (1 x 1 m) Production 2490 SEK/sign

Foiling toilet

We offer the possibility to foil surfaces inside our toilets. Here you have every opportunity to be creative and based on your proposal, a quote is developed. Price: 3200 kr. Production 1750 kr (10 decals max 30×30 cm)

Do you have questions about exposure?

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