What happens at the fair?

Don’t miss the interesting activities at LLB Expo!

In addition to a packed seminar program and a fantastic exhibition, there will be lots of fun and rewarding activities to take part in during LLB Expo 2024. This is an extra opportunity to showcase your latest products and meet your most important customers.

Technology Breakfast

On Wednesday, October 2, we will open a little earlier for the Technology Breakfast, where you get a chance to meet your visitors for breakfast.

Industry mingle

During the evening of October 2, you can come and mingle with other exhibitors and also take the opportunity to invite your customers for beer and snacks.

SHOT-OUT - Moving lights and luminaires

Showcase your moving light and luminaire products and give visitors the chance to go in-depth and compare to see the difference.

Award ceremonies during LLB Expo

During LLB Expo, several awards will be presented. Submit your nominations for the Innovation Awards, Bullen Awards and LLB Awards. All Exhibitors also have the chance to win Best Stand LLB Expo 2024

Sound room

In our audio rooms, you can demonstrate your speakers to visitors.