Moving lights and luminaires

Now you as an exhibitor can be a part of LLB Expo in a new way where different makes and models and their unique features are presented against each other. Visitors to LLB EXPO can now go in-depth and compare to see the difference. It will be divided into 3 different categories as below and each category will be showcased 2-3 times per day and during LLB Expo on all days. An independent light table operator will present the different products according to a fixed running schedule to present the products in the best way. After the presentation, visitors to SHOT-OUT can ask questions and have specific functionality shown in depth.

It is an excellent opportunity to compare and assess different luminaires and gain valuable insights for your upcoming lighting projects.

Date: October 1-3
Price to participate: 800 SEK/product excluding VAT. Max 2 products
How to register: To register for SHOT OUT, please send an email to Jacob Applinger, Operational Project Manager (see contact details below)

Category 1 – LED PROFILES (200-400W)

Profiles – Fixed LED luminaire with multi-light source from 4-8 colors with fixed angle or zoom. Focus on color mixing, focus, sharpness, light output, color reproduction and noise level.

Category 2 – Multi-color moving light (350-1250W)

Motorized profile (moving head) with multi-light source from 4-6 colors, looking deeper into Pan/Tilt movement, gobo projection, dimmer, sharpness, spade package, color rendering with CRI/TM30 and noise level. Focus on products for theater, television and similar applications.

Category 3- Moving light white LED (700W-1250W)

Motorized profile/spot (Moving head) with white light source, focusing on light output, size, weight and features for stage and rental. Preferably IP Classified and targeted at products for rental companies.

Do you want to be part of SHOT-OUT?

Send your application to me!

Operational Project Manager